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"The truth shall set you free."

“Truth is that which conforms to reality as perceived by God.”

Truth That Will Change Your Life

The value of truth is beyond words. Until you know and embrace it for what it is, you will not fully understand what it means to know truth.

Here at RealFoodND, we believe in absolute truth. We believe you can have certain knowledge about things of the world. This is not to say we know everything, or to say we have a corner on the truth. We affirm that absolute truth exists, and that it is crucial to embrace its message in our lives today.

Real Food ND Mini-Courses

Become a thought leader in your circle! Get the critical thinking tools you need to decipher the mixed signals of New Age spirituality.

Track 1: Absolute Truth Exists – How to know you know something for sure

This mini-course is dedicated to giving you an understanding of why truth in food really matters, and where the story of food fits into the unfolding history of time.

Religion in our day is shifting from secularism to New Age pantheism.

The underlying view of origins makes a difference in how you think about yourself, your family, and your community.

The role of man in the world is to tend the earth, enjoy it’s bounty and explore the grandeur. Mankind is not “a cancer” needing to be annihilated but the “image of God” in the earth.

Today’s individualism is unhealthy. Return to a right view of self sacrifice, family, church, and state.