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Real food isn’t just a thing. It’s a freedom.

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To put resources within easy reach so you’ll sound intelligent when you engage legislators and government officials. They’ll listen if you speak. Clearly.

The Goal

Together we’ll work to pass Food Freedom bill HB 1433 into law fully intact. No meddling, please.

The Latest (and greatest) News:

Committee Hearing For HB 1433

The room began to fill until all the seats were taken and people crowded behind legislators' conference tables. That's when we heard the announcement to move to a larger room. With only a little over an hour to share support and opposition, the meeting moved quickly....
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End North Dakota’s Raw Milk Sales Ban!

Want to end North Dakota's raw milk sales ban? Now is your chance! HB 1433, North Dakota's Food Freedom Act, has been introduced to the legislature to enable you to buy and sell any food in North Dakota that's not regulated by the USDA. It includes raw milk! Baked...
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Find Your District Representatives

Click here to find which district you are located in. Then look up your representatives' contact info by district. We suggest bookmarking the numbers of your representatives in your phone for easier contact via text and calls as the legislation moves...
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HB 1433 Scheduled for Committee Hearing February 9th 2:30 p.m.

Prepare to attend and make your voice heard! As posted in the actions for the bill, HB 1433 is scheduled for committee hearing on Thursday, February 9th at 2:30 p.m. It will be in the Peace Garden room of the capitol in Bismarck ND. Every person counts when it comes...
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Have you heard? ND Food Freedom!

Have you heard the news? There's a bill in the North Dakota legislature would make it legal to buy and sell any food that is not regulated at the federal level, including raw milk.  No need to have a shared animal ownership agreement. Just make sure there's no...
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Audio: Organizer Says Legislation Would Give North Dakotans Freedom to Buy Foods Like Raw Milk

JANUARY 30 -- "Raw milk, meaning milk that hasn’t been pasteurized, is something some people like to drink. In North Dakota the only legal way to get it is if you are an owner of the animal which produces the milk. There are things like animal shares which are legal....
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"WASHINGTON, DC–Three quantitative microbial risk assessments (QMRAs) recently published in the Journal of Food Protection have demonstrated that unpasteurized milk is a low-risk food, contrary to previous, inappropriately-evidenced claims suggesting a high-risk...
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Bill would allow North Dakota home-baked goods, raw milk to be sold

BISMARCK, N.D. — The North Dakota Legislature will consider a bill to let farmers or those with home kitchens sell their goods directly to consumers. "This helps restore some of that historical food culture" where people would sell their goods to their neighbors, says...
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North Dakota Bill Would Expand Raw Milk Sales, Important Step To Nullify Federal Prohibition Scheme

BISMARCK, N.D. (Jan. 22, 2017) – A bill introduced in the North Dakota House would expand raw milk sales in the state, taking an important step toward nullifying a federal prohibition scheme in effect. A coalition of nine representatives and two senators introduced...
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Keep Tabs On HB 1433

Greetings! Here at Real Food ND we are committed to bringing you resources and tools to learn the value of real food for your family. LIfe is busy, and sometimes it's reassuring to know someone is doing the homework for you, keeping you up to date on things that...
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