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Make Money From Your Own Kitchen

Support North Dakota’s Food Freedom Act

Why can’t you sell it ?

Regulation of food for retail sale in North Dakota currently requires licensing and an expensive inspected kitchen. This bill would allow you to make and sell value-added goods without the capital-intense startup costs of a commercial kitchen. 

Beef and pork would not be allowed under this bill, as they are subject to federal (USDA) inspection laws. Value-added poultry products (up to 1000 head) would be allowed to be sold direct to the consumer under this legislation.

Pete Kennedy of the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund has been involved with the writing of the bill, and the Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society is backing the effort.

Conservative ND Legislators working with the Bastiat Caucus are promoting the bill, and Rep. Luke Simons of Dickinson has been leading. 

Tell your legislators you support HB 1433 and encourage your customers and friends to get involved and make their voice heard on North Dakota’s Food Freedom Act!

Read the original bill here.