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Have you heard the news?

There’s a bill in the North Dakota legislature would make it legal to buy and sell any food that is not regulated at the federal level, including raw milk. 

No need to have a shared animal ownership agreement. Just make sure there’s no middleman and the buyer realizes the food is unregulated.

It’s a step toward freedom in the area of food, and it doesn’t stop with raw milk.

Baked goods, artisan cheeses, ready-to-eat home cooked meals and more would be allowed for sale, provided the seller informed the buyer the food was not inspected AND the product did not include something regulated by the USDA (like beef and pork).

We see this as a big opportunity.

You could even make your favorite recipes in your kitchen and sell them to friends. 

While the bill does not directly affect us here at Bartlett Farms, we believe that freedom in the marketplace is a right guaranteed to us by God, and that unjust regulation on the part of governments prevents people like you from accessing what you need.

HB 1433 is not yet scheduled for a committee hearing. That means your legislators aren’t thinking about it quite yet.

When the bill advances to the next stage, we will let you know it’s time to contact your legislators and voice your support for the bill.

For Real Food Freedom!

Peter Bartlett
Dairy Manager, Bartlett Farms