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Recommend Do Pass On HB 1433

Bill Versions for HB 1433

Check on the status of the ND Food Freedom Act.

North Dakota’s Food Freedom Act will give your constituents the ability to legally purchase food from friends and local vendors at places like farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture programs, road-side stands and more.

Under current law, if you buy chicken noodle soup from a friend, you are taking part in a criminal activity if the soup was not made in an approved kitchen.

This bill incudes language that would enable raw milk to be sold direct from the farm to the consumer.

Raw milk is a hot-button topic, and health officials use strong language to try to discourage it’s consumption. But scholarly work shows that the United States CDC may be playing up the dangers of raw milk, and well-documented proof is given that raw milk is not a high-risk food (see slides 31-34 of this presentation by Canadian Nadine Ijaz, MSc; summary of article here). Fresh leafy greens from salad bars and restaraunts are 6-28 times more likely to give you Ecoli 0157H7 than raw milk (slide 29).

Local demand for raw milk is increasing as families seek solutions to lactose intolerance, leaky gut, eczema, asthma, allergies and more.

Remove unjust government intervention in the lives of North Dakota families by reccommending Do Pass on HB 1433.

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