Governor’s signed HB 1433 into law! Scheduled to take effect fall 2017

ND Food Freedom Bill Passed

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Why can’t you just buy it?

Baked goods, ready-to-eat home cooked meals… Why aren’t these things offered at the farmers’ market? Can’t you simply pay someone to make these things for you? Sorry, it’s illegal!

Government regulation is keeping you from accessing these minimally processed foods that could save you time and money. Right now, buying them from people you trust makes you a criminal!

That’s why HB 1433 has been introduced in North Dakota. Here on the plains, we want the freedom to choose what we eat, who we buy from, and ultimately the God-given freedom to provide for our families. Your support is needed to pass HB 1433, North Dakota’s Food Freedom Act!

By passing this legislation, you’ll likely see more value-added options available at the farmer’s market, your CSA, roadside stands, or your direct-to-consumer provider.

What does the bill do? The bill legalizes the sale of products not restricted by federal laws (i.e. beef and pork) between the producer and the end consumer. The producer would be required to inform you that the food is unregulated, and you would assume all risk associated with the purchase. You are responsible to choose wisely.

Support HB 1433 by telling your legislators you support North Dakota’s Food Freedom Act!


Read the bill here.